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Driver holding coffee and talking on cell

Data Show Another Year of Rising Traffic Deaths

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

After decades of decline, the number of deaths in traffic accidents across the US has risen for yet another year. A recent report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that speed and alcohol remain substantial causes of accidents. Other safety experts assert that the true cause of the rise in fatalities… Read More »

A baby getting into car sear

When is the Right Time to Change Your Child’s Safety Seat?

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

Idaho highways and roads can be dangerous for anyone, but no one is as vulnerable in the event of a crash as your small child. You may have spent hours researching the best possible car seat for your child when you first brought them home from the hospital. It’s equally important to make the… Read More »

Lane departure warning llghts on car

Lane-Departure Warning a Standout Safety Feature

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

If you’ve recently begun researching new cars or have made a new vehicle purchase, then you know how many new safety features come as available options on new cars. It can be hard to know which features are worth the added expense on an already-expensive purchase. The Insurance Institute on Highway Safety (IIHS) is… Read More »

Back seat restraits

Study Finds Passengers Less Likely to Use Restraint in Back than Front Seat

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

Perhaps you’ve heard it before, or might even believe it’s true yourself, that riding in the back seat is safer than riding in the front, and that wearing a seat belt is unnecessary. Safety experts have proved with repeated research that this simply isn’t the case. A recent survey reveals how many people continue… Read More »

Bunch of cars in traffic

Collisions Common during Rush Hour

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

Everyone hates fighting through congested roads to get home in the evenings. The only thing that could possibly make the drive home worse? Getting involved in an auto accident at rush hour. According to statistics, the chances of being involved in a rush hour crash are good. Find out more about rush hour accidents… Read More »

Help with Anesthesia Errors from Experienced Idaho Medical Malpractice Attorneys

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

Undergoing surgery, whether minor or serious, involves some amount of risk. Even skilled surgeons make mistakes, and in especially bad cases, doctors may operate on the wrong site or even the wrong patient. Before any surgery takes place, trained professionals must administer anesthesia to ensure you will not experience the pain of the procedure…. Read More »

Child strapped to car seat

Proper Safety Restraints Can Protect Children’s Lives in a Crash

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

As a parent, you probably consider protecting your child from harm to be your top priority. There are nevertheless moments where a parent prioritizes other needs or simply assumes that a brief lapse in safety won’t cause harm to their child. If you’ve ever waged a battle against an obstinate toddler who doesn’t want… Read More »

Guy texting while driving.jpg.crdownload

Drivers Opinions and Habits Differ when It Comes to Safe Driving

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

Each year, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducts a study examining driver opinions on what constitutes safe habits behind the wheel, while also polling them on their own driving habits. The results of their latest survey were released earlier this year and reveal a disconnect between what drivers know to be safe, and… Read More »

Product defect

IVC Filter Maker the Target of Multiple Injury Claims

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

Inferior Vena Cava, or “IVC” filters, are advertised as a way to save lives by preventing blood clots from traveling through a patient’s body where they can cause stroke or death. Unfortunately, the devices themselves have threatened many lives, resulting in thousands of claims for money damages against the manufacturers of these devices. With… Read More »

Motorcycle Rider

Three Important Facts for Any Motorcycle Rider

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

Whether you’re a novice to motorcycle riding or an experienced biker, you know that riding a motorcycle leaves you more vulnerable on the road than does riding in a passenger vehicle. The instability of two wheels and lack of car walls are part of the risk, but many riders would argue that the real… Read More »