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Dangerous Road Accident Lawyers in Boise & Twin Falls Serving Throughout Idaho

Highway Sign & Faulty Highway Design Litigation

With drivers who are distracted by cell phones, intoxicated, or simply reckless, Idaho roads and highways are dangerous enough when designed safely. When government bodies and subcontractors responsible for the safe design and maintenance of the road fail to carry out that duty, driving can become even riskier. If you’ve been injured in an Idaho car accident that you believe resulted from poor roadway signage or defective highway design, you may be entitled to compensation from the state or local government responsible for that portion of road. Contact the experienced and trusted Idaho personal injury lawyers at Pedersen Whitehead & Hanby to begin the process of seeking damages for your injuries.

Reliable road signs are critical to safety

The average driver might not realize how dependent they are on signs to help them navigate the roads. Drivers rely on signs to alert them to upcoming cross-traffic, bends in the road that require a slower speed, the presence of construction in the road, or other hazards that necessitate additional caution on behalf of drivers. Where government entities fail to install signs that alert drivers to these conditions, they put driver safety in jeopardy. If you’re hurt while driving due to a lack of signs that accurately describe roadway conditions, you may be owed money for your injuries from the responsible government body.

Hire the right Idaho personal injury lawyer for your highway design lawsuit

Poor highway design can affect driving conditions in numerous ways, including:

  • Allowing water to pool in uneven surfaces
  • Creating dangerously sharp turns or curves
  • Allowing a risk of driving off a cliff or mountain face where no guardrail is installed
  • Road design that creates blind turns or crossings
  • Excessively steep inclines or declines

Litigating a defective highway design or sign case requires an attorney with experience. Highway design lawsuits demand a great deal of technical understanding of what safe and responsible highway design entails, as well as familiarity with the types of evidence courts will want to see to prove that signage was inadequate, or a road’s design was flawed.

Seek compensation for your injuries after an Idaho auto accident

The dangerous road accident lawyers at Pedersen Whitehead & Hanby can help you get the money you need after you’re hurt to help you pay for your medical expenses, missed work, and property damage. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation on your negligent highway design and signage lawsuit, at 208-734-2552 (Twin Falls), or 208-336-2552 (Boise).

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