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Idaho Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys

A simple fall may sound harmless, but these accidents can result in serious—in some cases, even fatal—injuries. Our attorneys are aware that victims of slip and fall accidents may be left with massive medical costs or long-term expenses related to rehabilitation or lost wages from the injury. When slip and fall accidents occur at a business or public place, victims might have a right to compensation from the property owner for their injuries.

Take swift action after an Idaho slip and fall accident

One of the most important steps you can take after a slip and fall is to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. At the Twin Falls offices of Pedersen Whitehead & Hanby, our seasoned Idaho personal injury attorneys have spent decades fighting for compensation on behalf of victims of slip and fall accidents. Our premises liability lawyers can provide a free consultation for you after a slip and fall, ensuring that you know your rights and don’t miss your opportunity to file a claim based on your injuries. Contact the Boise and Twin Falls injury accident attorneys Pedersen Whitehead & Hanby today to discuss your case.

Where do slip and fall accidents happen?

  • Restaurants: Slippery substances are constantly at risk of being spilled in restaurants. For this reason, restaurant owners and managers know that they have an obligation to continually monitor the floor for spills to prevent customers from slipping in a hidden puddle.
  • Grocery stores: With hundreds of jars and bottles of liquid lining grocery store shelves, as well as fruit and vegetables that can become slippery when they fall to the floor, grocery stores and supermarkets are laden with slipping hazards. It isn’t always possible to prevent slipping hazards from forming, but it is the responsibility of a store to warn customers of the hazard and remove it as soon as possible.
  • Hotels: Hotels often use slick flooring, such as tile or marble, in their lobbies. When these surfaces become wet, they can be very difficult for guests and visitors to navigate safely.
  • Workplaces: Studies have found that about 16% of all workers’ compensation claims are related to slip and fall injuries, and that over 25% of all workplace injury-related costs stem from these accidents. As you can see, the costs are out of proportion with the share of claims related to falls, due to the high costs of treatment often associated with slip and fall injuries.

If you need seasoned, knowledgeable, and dedicated legal help after an Idaho slip and fall accident, contact the Boise slip and fall attorneys at Pedersen Whitehead & Hanby for a no-cost consultation at 208-336-2552, with additional offices in Twin Falls at 208-734-2552.

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