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Twin Falls Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Our brains are at the center of our identities. Brain injuries can threaten not only our ability to move, earn a living, or care for ourselves, but also our understanding of who we are and the world around us. Few injuries can have as instant and lasting an effect on our lives as a brain injury, especially one that is categorized as traumatic. If you have any questions in regard to a traumatic brain injury, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer from our law firm today. 

Experienced Idaho brain injury lawyers who are prepared to help

When you or a loved one falls victim to a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, as the result of someone else’s careless or reckless behavior, your whole world can end up being turned upside down. You need time and money to treat these injuries, and you need dedicated legal help to fight for the money you deserve from the responsible party. The Twin Falls traumatic brain injury lawyers at Pedersen Whitehead & Hanby have decades of experience fighting on behalf of TBI victims and other injury victims. Our professional and aggressive personal injury attorneys have the medical knowledge and legal savvy to help your family get the compensation you deserve after a devastating brain injury. Contact us as soon as possible after an Idaho brain injury accident, and we’ll get to work right away working on your claim.

Brain injuries can range in severity

Brain injuries fall into several major categories, based on the form and extent of the injury:

  • Concussion: Considered to be the mildest form of TBI, concussions occur when victims take a blow to the head that renders them unconscious, even if only for a brief moment. Concussions often result from falls, car accidents, or sports injuries. The latest medical research has shown that, while concussions may be the most minor form of TBI, they can cause lasting damage to victims’ brains.
  • Contusions: When the victim takes a harder blow to the head than would cause a concussion, they may experience a bleed in the brain. This is known as a contusion. Contusions can cause more widespread damage to the brain than a concussion.
  • Penetration injury: When an object enters the victim’s skull, the victim runs an even greater risk of irreversible brain damage or death. Penetration injuries can occur in severe construction accidents or other workplace injuries, severe car or motorcycle accidents, or from gunshot wounds.
  • Diffuse axonal injury: Diffuse axonal injury is the term used to describe a tear in the brain tissue. These injuries can be the result of severe car, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accidents.

Treating serious brain injuries involves lengthy treatment and costly care

Caring for a loved one with a brain injury can be physically and emotionally challenging. Some TBI victims need rehabilitation to be able to complete previously-simple tasks, such as walking, talking, or providing for their own personal hygiene. Others may never regain these abilities. Some brain injury victims experience changes to their personalities and may become short-tempered, easily-frustrated, or experience difficulty with their short- or long-term memory. Brain injury victims’ families may need the help of in-home care professionals for a period of time after an accident so that they can return to work. These forms of care all require resources that the average family doesn’t have, forcing them to explore their legal options for recovery after an accident. The compassionate and seasoned Boise brain injury lawyers at Pedersen Whitehead & Hanby can help you explore your options after an accident, handling the battle for money damages on your behalf so that you can focus on your or your loved one’s recovery.

Call Our Idaho Personal Injury Attorneys after a Brain Injury Accident in Twin Falls or Boise

If you or someone you love has been the victim of an Idaho brain injury accident, contact the professional and trial-ready Boise brain injury lawyers at Pedersen Whitehead & Hanby for a free consultation on your case at 208-336-2552, with additional offices in Twin Falls at 208-734-2552.

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