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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Serving Idaho in Boise & Twin Falls

Riding a bicycle is a wonderful way to save on gas money and get some exercise. Unfortunately, not all motor vehicle drivers are watching the road carefully, and some simply don’t understand how to drive safely around bicycles. While it’s typically the driver’s fault, when a crash involving a bicycle and a driver occurs, the victim ends up being the cyclist. With offices in Boise & Twin Falls, a bicycle accident lawyer at Pedersen Whitehead & Hanby can help Idaho bicycle accident victims recover compensation for their injuries from negligent and distracted drivers.

Victims may face costly bills after a bike accident

Victims of Idaho bicycling accidents can face steep medical costs as a result of their injuries, and they may be entitled to money damages related to their pain and suffering after an accident. As soon as possible after a bicycle accident, victims should consult with a skilled Idaho personal injury lawyer to find out whether they’re entitled to compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Idaho bicycle accidents can result in life-altering injuries

Lacking the protection of a motor vehicle, bicycle riders are highly vulnerable to injury when riding on busy Idaho roads. Additionally, this vulnerability to injury appears to be on the rise. As cell phone use by drivers continues to climb, the rates of serious and fatal injuries among bicyclists has soared. Common injuries suffered in Idaho bicycle accidents include:

  • Contusions and abrasions
  • Road rash caused by sliding on pavement
  • Head injuries, such as concussions or other forms of traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Strains and sprains
  • Damaged ligaments or soft tissues
  • Broken arms or legs
  • Cracked ribs
  • Spinal injuries
  • Wrongful death

Lawyers who will fight for you after a Boise or Twin Falls bicycle accident

The injuries you suffer in a bicycle accident can feel devastating physically, emotionally, and financially. The seasoned Twin Falls and Boise bicycle injury lawyers at Pedersen Whitehead & Hanby know how hard it can be to make ends meet after a serious accident. We understand the struggle to afford basic living expenses after a crash, especially if your injuries have made you unable to work. We’re committed to our clients, and we fight hard on behalf of their right to be compensated by those who hurt them. Contact a Boise bicycle accident lawyer at Pedersen Whitehead & Hanby today for a no-cost consultation on your injury claim. 

Get Help from Experienced Idaho Personal Injury Lawyers after a Serious Bicycle Accident in Boise or Twin Falls

If you or someone you love has been hurt in an Idaho bicycle accident, find out if you’re a candidate to file a personal injury lawsuit for your injuries by contacting the dedicated and effective Twin Falls bicycle accident lawyers at Pedersen Whitehead & Hanby for a free consultation at 208-734-2552, with additional offices in Boise at 208-336-2552.

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