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Boise Husband and Wife Killed in Pedestrian Crash

Driver and pedestrian at crosswalk

A man succumbed to his injuries during his second week of hospitalization after being hit by a car in Boise.  The 89-year-old man’s death follows that of his wife nine days earlier, who had already passed just after the accident.  Ada County officials have taken note of a sharp rise in pedestrian accidents and fatalities over the last decade.  Read on for details about this tragic pedestrian crash, and contact an Idaho pedestrian accident lawyer for help if you have been involved in a pedestrian accident or other car crash in Boise, Twin Falls, or surrounding areas.   

Elderly Married Couple Hit While Crossing the Street in Boise

An 87-year-old woman and her 89-year-old husband were recently crossing North Milwaukee Street at the intersection with West Northview Street when they were suddenly struck by a sport utility vehicle.  The crosswalk where they were struck was less than a quarter-mile from their home of 46 years.  The Boise woman died the day of the crash; her husband died nine days later while still hospitalized from his injuries.

As police investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident, Idaho pedestrian and bike safety advocates are studying the intersection to determine if the design contributed to the accident and, if so, what can be done to improve safety and prevent future incidents.  Researchers note that there have been around three accidents per year at the intersection, totaling 46 crashes from 1998 to 2017.  None of the crashes involved pedestrians, and there were no fatalities until the recent crash.    

Pedestrian Accident Crisis in Ada County

The number of fatal pedestrian accidents in Ada County has been on the rise over the last decade, reaching a seven-year high of six pedestrian deaths in 2018 (as of November) after the previous high of five in 2017.  Three of the fatalities occurred in Boise, with the other three in Garden City, Eagle, and Meridian.  2017 also saw double the number of incapacitating injuries from pedestrian accidents over the previous year, jumping to 43 from 20 in 2016.  Incapacitating injuries are those that prevent someone from walking, driving, or doing other normal activities.   

If the accident described above is any indication, the trend appears to be continuing in 2019.  Just two days after a vigil was held in remembrance of the deceased married couple, three Boise High students were hit while walking to school.  Researchers noted that commonalities among the pedestrian deaths are fading light and darkness, as well as drugs and/or alcohol.  Pedestrian intoxication is a contributing factor, along with driving under the influence.  Pedestrians who cause accidents can be just as liable as drivers for damage or injuries caused, although intoxicated drivers do pose a greater threat than the other way around.   

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