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We wanted to announce that Michael J. Hanby, II (Twin Falls) was a featured speaker at the 2018 Fall Seminar Idaho Trial Lawyers Association!

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

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a ball of money

$3.85 Million Award for Brain Injury Victim Upheld by Idaho Supreme Court

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

Victims of brain injuries don’t just suffer crippling physical effects or massive pain and suffering; when a victim’s brain is injured, they may never be the same person again. Recently, our medical malpractice attorneys at Pedersen & Whitehead were able to fight on behalf of a victim of a nurse’s reckless mistake, defending her… Read More »

Green sign that reads trauma - to highlight that traumatic injury can result in conditions such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS)

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after a Traumatic Accident

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

Sometimes the most devastating health issues that develop after a major car accident are the ones that aren’t visible to the naked eye. One example of a disabling condition that can last long after wounds have healed is known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Learn more about this syndrome below, and contact a knowledgeable… Read More »

safety technologies for trucks

Crash-Avoidance Systems Missing from Most Large Trucks

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

America’s roads have, over the past three years, become steadily deadlier for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike. Many new technologies exist that hold the potential to reduce the likelihood of a serious or fatal crash. While more passenger vehicles come with these systems installed, large commercial trucks rarely make use of these powerful tools…. Read More »

A fatal pedestrian accident about to occur

More Pedestrians Dying in Motor Vehicle Accidents than in Previous 26 years

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

In recent decades, auto manufacturers have made enormous progress in designing safety features to keep vehicle passengers safe, and researchers know more every day about why drivers get into accidents. Unfortunately, these facts have not prevented a precipitous rise in fatal car crashes across the US. Fatalities have risen among every type of roadway… Read More »

lady distracted while in car

While Distracted Driving Rates are High Nationally, Idaho Drivers are Among the Safest in the U.S., Per Recent Report

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

A report recently released by Everquote Inc., an insurance marketplace, based on their app EverDrive, shows that distracted driving is still a major problem in the United States.  The 2018 EverDrive Safe Driving Report, based on 781 million miles of driving data from 2017, analyzes driver behavior and evaluates the good and bad habits… Read More »

Michael ISB Leadership Award

Firm attorney Michael J. Hanby II was selected to the Idaho State Bar’s 2018 Class of the Idaho Academy of Leadership for Lawyers (IALL).

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

The IALL is a highly selective and well-regarded leadership training program for lawyers from across the state. Mr. Hanby was one of 14 lawyers statewide chosen to participate in this year’s leadership class. “Thank you to the Idaho Academy of Leadership for Lawyers! Very grateful for my time with such a great group of… Read More »

Medical sign

Pulmonary Embolisms a Deadly, but Often Preventable, Health Issue

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

As we’ve explained in previous posts on this blog, medical mistakes are believed by many experts to be the third-leading cause of death in the United States. One of the most common preventable reasons that hospitalized patients die is due to a pulmonary embolism. The risk factors and symptoms of pulmonary embolisms are well-known,… Read More »

cartoon character drowsy while driving.jpg.crdownload

New Research Shows that Drowsiness Plays Larger Role in Crash Rates than Previously Believed

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

Many health experts believe that there is an epidemic of sleep deprivation in the US. Failing to get enough sleep can have countless negative health side-effects, such as elevated stress levels, higher risk for diabetes, mood changes, and problems with short- and long-term memory. However, new research is beginning to show the extent to… Read More »

image of car wreck and cartoon being hit by a car.jpg.crdownload

Rate of Fatal Workplace Injuries on the Rise

By Pedersen & Whitehead |

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has recently released its annual report on the number and causes of workplace fatalities across the US in 2016. The report reveals that a greater number of American workers died on the job in 2016, and died from causes that were not previously a threat on the job…. Read More »